Crafting infinite narratives through the power of Machine Learning

At Catawba, we're at the forefront of developing cutting-edge generative technologies to enrich everyday experiences. Our mission is to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create immersive and personalized content that brings joy, fascination, and meaningful engagement to our users.

Generative Content, Infinite Possibilities

Our expertise lies in understanding and innovating around generative content. We create sophisticated models capable of spinning infinite narratives that adapt to user preferences, decisions, and interactions. Every journey through our platforms is unique and tailored to each user, providing a vast, ever-changing landscape of stories and experiences.


Our flagship product, Plotter Press, is an innovative, text-based, role-playing game that puts you at the heart of your own endless adventure. Whether you're solving futuristic mysteries as a descendant of Sherlock Holmes or prancing around space in a battle mech, your choices shape the world around you in Plotter. What do you want to do next?


For the young and the young-at-heart, we present Little Dipper Dreamscapes, our enchanting platform that crafts personalized bedtime stories. Dipper's AI weaves tales of wondrous adventures, magical creatures, and timeless lessons of kindness and bravery. Each story is unique, shaped by the individual tastes and interests of every child, making bedtime a unique journey into a realm of dreams.

More than a Software Company

While we're proud of our products, Catawba is more than just a software company. We're pioneers in the field of generative content, pushing boundaries and constantly seeking new ways to apply our technologies. Our commitment to innovation means we're always working on new projects, with more captivating experiences coming soon.

Stay tuned and join us on this exciting journey of technological innovation and storytelling magic. Let's explore the infinite together!